Exclusive Final Expense Leads

Drawing upon 50 years of experience, we can teach you how to maximize your marketing dollars, and help you design a plan that will keep you in front of a constant supply of prospects, which we all know is the key to success in the insurance industry. 

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Fixed-Cost Direct Mail

Our fixed-cost Direct mail lead program is the best in the business!  A turn-key operation that ensures you have up to 40 fresh, exclusive final expense leads each and every week, without the risk or hassle of individual mail drops.  Leads that specify "Life Insurance" in your chosen age, income, and geographical area.  These are the best final expense leads on the market. We also make this option even more affordable than anyone else through our Lead Co-Op Incentive that puts Cash back in your pocket every month!  Starting @ $26/lead

Individual Mail Drops

Not ready to get on a fixed-cost lead program?  Our individual mail drops at the discounted rate of $360/per thousand, allow you to access the same quality leads, without the ongoing commitment.

Digital Leads

Exclusive Internet leads delivered to you in real-time! Generated specifically for you, and will not be re-sold!



  • Active Search Digital Leads

    Leads generated from paid search and email

    The prospect proactively searches for Final Expense solutions and has requested to be contacted regarding this product.These leads are very qualified with high conversion rates as they involve targeted search and engagement from the prospect.  

  • Ad Response Digital Leads

    Leads generated from display ads and through links from partner sites

    The prospect responds in real-time to a display advertisement for Final Expense. Prospects have shown impulse interest and are expecting contact back from an agent. These leads are considered qualified and very transparent.  

"Live" Phone Leads

Speak with interested prospects that have requested information about life insurance  from a live telemarketer!  These leads allow you to get in front of interested prospects immediately, without the lag time associated with direct-mail. 

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send us a request and we will get back with you ASAP.